The Best Fiverr Gigs For Promoting Your Ad Tracking Services For Affiliate Marketing (part 3)

The Best Fiverr Gigs For Promoting Your Ad Tracking Services For Affiliate Marketing (part 3)

To get results interested to stake your money via smart contract technology, you need to place a bet on our Fiverr gig! This offer is the shortest link to spread the information about the project, as well as promote affiliate marketing and attract new customers for affiliate network services. We are ready for any cooperation for mutual benefit.

This Fiverr gig is for promoting affiliate marketing services as well as attracting new customers to an affiliate network website. For this, you can place a bet in our smart contract. We are ready to cooperate with any partner.

Hey there, I'm a top-rated Fiverr seller - one of the Best Fiverr gigs For Promote Your chatbot for affiliate marketing services. Here you can buy some High-Quality Social Network Marketing that will get you unlimited traffic, sales, and profits.


If you are interested in promoting the chatbot ad tracking and affiliate marketing services but do not think of this as a new business, you have missed something very important. You can use smart contacts to place your bets and increase user traffic. Do not miss this offer from our Fiverr gig!

Looking for gigs to promote your ad tracking? If yes, then you are in the right place. Here we have a list of top gigs on Fiverr for promoting your chatbot for affiliate marketing services. They have already done the job and proven their experience in a way that people have already bought from them. It is one of the simplest things where you can easily spread information about your ad tracking and get more conversions from it.

Here are the Best Fiverr gigs For Promote Your chatbot for affiliate marketing services.

1. I will fix and setup Facebook pixel conversion API with GTM for the ios14 update issue

gig benefits

  • Setup GTM and GA4
  • Setup Facebook Pixel
  • Setup Server Sidetracking
  • Enable Data Layer
  • Events Tracking with GTM Server (PageView, ViewContent, Add to Cart, Purchase)
  • Fix iOS14 update Issue

2. I will set up Facebook conversions API with AWS server sidetracking

gig benefits

Eliminate data gaps in your reporting.

  • Optimize your ad campaigns quickly.
  • Decrease wasteful ad spend.
  • A reliable and stress-free way to track your customers.

3. I will do a DIY marketing strategy plan and manage digital marketing

gig benefits

  • Action Plan
  • Marketing Strategy Report
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Promotional Campaign

4.I will set up a professional looking Facebook business page

gig benefits

  • Create and design Facebook page
  • Setup and Optimize FB page, Appropriate Template
  • Design cover photo and setup
  • Add logo/photo-perfect size
  • Website Integration
  • Call To Action Button: (ex: Book Now, Contact Us, Use App, Shop Now, Order Now, etc.)
  • Tabs setting
  • Setup FB Shop and add the products
  • Setup Advertisement
  • Auto Message

5. I will do your ads tracking and conversion tracking

gig benefits

  • Conversion tracking is the procedure
  • tracks a defined data element within a mobile app
  • ads tracking and conversion tracking,
  • click magick, voluum, red track,
  • the best solution for your click magick, volume


Working on an affiliate network marketing project, we would like to offer you a chance to test blockchain technologies and smart contracts by providing the best service to promote your program (if it is needed). We are ready to place a bet on our Fiverr gig! Long-term cooperation with you will give us mutual benefits. We need 10k+ orders to place a bet on Fiverr. The winner will be determined based on the total amount of funds collected during the bounty campaign. You can find all the terms here.

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